Public Diplomacy

This area of work aims at fostering the image of Spain in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and at facilitating the realization of Spanish foreign policy. It equally addresses the concerns of the Mediterranean civil society.  We take into account the views of the business community, teachers, scientists, academics, professionals, trade unions and other social groups, when designing our lines of action and transmitting our values to other countries.  We organize seminars, forums and other gatherings with the participation of citizens from across the region, as well as working-level and diplomatic meetings with Government institutions from the Mediterranean basin in order to enhance the perception of Spain beyond our borders.

Governance and Cooperation

A main objective of Casa Mediterraneo is to promote research, debates and actions aimed at strengthening governance and analysis on development cooperation in the Mediterranean basin.

We also seek to complement similar actions, and to echo the interventions of public and private entities including Government agencies, regional and local entities, NGOs, Think Tanks, Foundations, etc., which have a Mediterranean scope.

In this context, we encourage research and analysis, and enrich ourselves academically through the collaboration of experts working on human rights, fundamental freedoms, public administration reform, elections, decentralization, the alliance of civilizations, gender equality, social development, poverty reduction or the protection of vulnerable groups.

Casa Mediterraneo serves as a bridge between the various networks of public institutions, researchers and practitioners working on these topics. It does so through seminars, discussion forums and the promotion of studies addressing new approaches for non-State actors and civil society to play a leading role.

Lines of action

  • Gathering information about governance and cooperation in the Mediterranean basin and conducting outreach activities to sensitize society about the reality of countries in the region.
  • Carrying out research and analysis. We aim at providing academic content to practitioners working in the field of governance and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean.  This serves the twofold purpose of assessing the state of the art and of proposing recommendations that can be translated into public policy and operational projects.
  • Networking. We support Euromed network initiatives on inter alia governance, human rights, fundamental freedoms, gender equality, youth, etc. Casa Mediterraneo intends to integrate these networks of knowledge and work jointly with them vis-à-vis our programming.
  • Arranging meetings, forums and seminars. Providing an opportunity to citizens to enhance their learning on governance and cooperation issues by organizing meetings, forums, conferences and seminars open to all.
  • Resources and documents.  Making available on our website resources and documents that are the result of our work and analysis and that of other organizations which have a longstanding experience on the Mediterranean region.

Economy and Development

Our main goal is to promote trade, the geographical mobility of professionals, as well as investment and business innovation along the Mediterranean basin, in the belief that they constitute drivers of economic development in the region.

We plan and organize activities on socio-economic issues, conduct study and research, and develop courses and programs that contribute to the mission of the business community and entrepreneurs in society. We also promote their role as major players in Spanish public diplomacy, thus fostering their active participation in the formulation of cooperation policies in the Mediterranean region, adding to their important contribution to national economic development.

Lines of action

  • Organizing seminars, conferences, round tables and information gatherings for the business community and the public at large for them to have a better understanding of the economic conditions in Mediterranean countries.
  • Developing networks that promote trade, investment, R & D cooperation and the mobility of professionals and entrepreneurs between Spain and other countries of the region.
  • Disseminating scientific and journalistic information about the Mediterranean basin. Encouraging the production of reports, studies and analyses by experts and researchers, thus contributing to existing knowledge about the economic situation in the Mediterranean region.  This would not only serve the purpose of improving socio-economic relations among the Mediterranean countries, but would also pave the way for new business opportunities.
  • Launching and participating in bilateral and multilateral forums among Mediterranean countries in relevant fields.
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility in the Mediterranean and designing appealing social programs that can be sponsored by the private sector.
  • Becoming a social action leader in the Mediterranean by launching and participating in forums and social networks, as well as by conducting fundraising for projects.
  • Supporting projects relating to social and economic development, thereby complementing actions taken by European bodies and the private sector.

Culture and Heritage

This area of work seeks to highlight the current cultural realities of Mediterranean countries, and to encourage Mediterranean citizens and civil society to learn more about the cultures surrounding them.

The notion of culture encompasses the manifestation of artistic expressions such as film, music, theater, dance, gastronomy and fine arts. While the focus is on contemporary expressions, we also value the Mediterranean cultural heritage that has left a clear imprint in our modern identity.

Lines of action

  • Designing a multidisciplinary program work that includes various forms of art, supporting those artistic expressions which enhance our Mediterranean identity. We intend to create an open space in which citizens feel they are involved in our programming.
  • Disseminating, through music, the sounds of the Mediterranean basin countries. Music constitutes a vehicle that allows people speaking different languages to communicate. In this connection, we organize master classes in collaboration with educational institutions.
  • Presenting traditional dance and other performances to the widest audience. We also organize lectures on the subject in collaboration with educational institutions.
  • Cinema is a prime way of telling stories and getting to know societies.  We organize thematic movie series and itinerant documentaries throughout Spain. We also support initiatives that promote films produced in the Mediterranean region.
  • Presenting photographic exhibitions about the Mediterranean region. We organize contemporary art exhibitions by artists from alongside the Mediterranean coast.
  • Gastronomy is an essential element of identity and of cultural belonging, and it is closely linked to a given region’s heritage. We collaborate with institutions devoted to training in the food industry and prepare documents of interest about gastronomy and its social meaning.
  • Promoting conferences on topics that make us better understand our Mediterranean identity, including non-verbal language and educational activities addressed to children and the youth.

Environment and Sustainable Tourism

The Environment area of work focuses on developing strategies and programs toward the conservation and protection of natural heritage and biodiversity in the Mediterranean basin, so as to contribute to their sustainability in the long term. The Sustainable Tourism area focuses on relevant local factors, identity signs, and both individual and common interests of the peoples of the Mediterranean, for the tourism industry to develop a sustainable model that can achieve international recognition.

Sustainable tourism means striking a balance among the environmental, economic, and cultural aspects of tourism development in order to reach the goal of sustainability. Specifically, there is a need for:

a)      An optimal use of environmental resources, since they constitute key elements of tourism development; and a commitment to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.

b)      Respect for the cultural identity of touristic destinations, including the preservation of their cultural and architectural assets and their traditional values, with the aim of adding to intercultural tolerance and understanding.

c)       Promoting income-generating activities that are feasible in the long term and that provide for socio-economic benefits equally distributed to all stakeholders, in particular social services and jobs at the community level.

Lines of action

  • Promoting actions that contribute to the economic development of the Mediterranean region in support of the Mediterranean identity. We encourage environmental and tourism initiatives that foster Mediterranean values, including biodiversity, traditional and organic cuisine, natural and landscape resources, historical heritage and cultural diversity. In this regard, a key line of action of Casa Mediterraneo is the protection and enhancement of the Mediterranean diet, which constitutes a cornerstone of our quality of life.
  • Contributing to the creation of a platform that encourages foreign and private investment in renewable energies in the region.
  • Fostering cooperation among social agents to raise awareness, and educating and engaging the population vis-à-vis responsible consumption and use of natural resources.
  • Organizing debates, conducting research and exchanging knowledge among Mediterranean countries on the environment and its sustainability, in particular on energy efficiency, water scarcity, renewable energy, integrated management systems of natural resources and waste, desertification, loss of biodiversity and climate change.
  • Working toward achieving an environmental-friendly and sustainable tourism sector in the Mediterranean through education programs and projects with local and international scope in collaboration with public and private entities.
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