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About Us

Casa Mediterráneo is a public consortium led by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAUEC as per the Spanish acronym) with collaboration from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID as per the Spanish acronym), the government of the Valencian Community, the Alicante City Council, the Benidorm City Council and the Alicante Provincial Council.


Founded in 2009, Casa Mediterráneo is a major public diplomacy instrument whose main goal is to foster mutual knowledge and to bring Spain and the other Mediterranean countries closer togehther on different areas such as culture, economy, climate change, gender equality or scientific and technological innovation.

According to Article 5 of the Statutes, the general objectives of Casa Mediterráneo are:

a) Promote any actions or projects that may contribute to a better understanding of other societies that live on the shores of the Euro-Mediterranean area, and foster the collaboration of Spain in those areas.

b) Contribute to improve the image of Spain in the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

c) Foster the development of Spain’s relationship with the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area, which share historic bonds with Spain in institutional, cultural, business, social, scientific and economic areas, as well as in scientific and technological innovation areas related to sustainable development.

d) Strengthen friendship, solidarity and cooperation bonds between Euro-Mediterranean countries and societies.

e) Promote Alicante, as well as any other cities where delegations of the consortium are established, as meeting places for the Euro-Mediterranean area, facilitating the institutional, business, cultural, economic and social rapprochement between countries.

f) Promote higher participation in all the areas of the Euro-Mediterranean culture.

g)Develop specific programs for childhood and youth, paying special attention to promoting cooperation, solidarity and non-discrimination values in the new generations.

h) Develop specific programs for the establishment of actual and legal equality between men and women.

i) Develop any other program that contributes to the promotion of the transnational interests between Spain and the Mediterranean countries, which is the reason why this consortium was created.

j) Develop specific programs to fight against desertification and climate change and to foster water use policies.

k) Promote programs aimed at media, new information technology and promotion, organized by Casa Mediterráneo.

l) Promote a network relationship with other existing institutions, especially with the network of “Casas” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, which are dedicated to several matters that concern the Mediterranean, with the objective of joining efforts and channel common projects.

Its headquarters are in Alicante, a city that is closely related to the Mediterranean countries due to its location, history, economy, culture and society.

Casa Mediterráneo, along with Casa América, Casa Asia, Casa África, Casa Árabe and Centro Sefarad-Israel, belongs to the group of institutions called Red de Casas, created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

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